Why Síminn Prepaid

·       The fastest and largest mobile network in Iceland - Be connected everywhere with Síminn

·       Want to share data? Create a hotspot for your friends

·       Don´t like running out of credit! Register for automatic refills when credit goes under 100 ISK

·       Need to call home? Use included minues and/or buy a refill. Price pr. minute at https://www.siminn.is/english-tourist/international-calls/

·       No WIFI available? Refills are available with our resellers all over the country. Check out our resellers at www.siminn.is/english



How do I order a prepaid card for my trip to Iceland?

Síminn offers a selection of Data Package (only data) and Starter Package (talk & data). All you need to do is select your prefered option above, type in your information and you are on your way.

Do you offer 4G / LTE in Iceland?

We sure do! Not only that but we also pride ourself in providing the fastest mobile network in Iceland and the widest coverage. So you can rest easy knowing you can travel around Iceland with up to 100mb/s in download speed on your mobile phone or tablet.

How do I add on to my Prepaid sim-card?

We have multiple ways for you to add on to your prepaid sim-card. 

1. We have three stores in Reykjavik (Shopping center: Smáralind & Kringlan, Ármúla 25 - Headquarters), one in Akureyri (Shopping center: Glerártorg) and our website where you can fill-up. 

2. If you are traveling around Iceland you may also find that we have a whole lot of outlets around the country. Click here to find out where to find them.

3. Our service number is 800 7000 and are at your service if you need them.

4. Our mobile app is available on both iOS and Android. There you can fill-up your Prepaid card, but have a dictionary close by because it is only in Icelandic for the time being. Just search for "Siminn" in the iOS og Android app store and your are on your way.

Do you have a call center I can contact?

Of course we do. Just call 800 7000 and there we have a great team to assist you in any way possible.