Standard Starter Package

Standard Starter Package

Regular price 1,990 kr

Standard Starter Package. Included is 2.000 kr. for talk and text if you do not need the data. Data can be added afterwards if needed.

Get Síminn Prepaid
Síminn Prepaid is simple and easy to use and refill. There are plenty of options to fulfil your needs, for your feature phone, smartphones, tablets or laptop. With our extensive 3G/4G network around the country it's easy to share your adventures in Iceland with your friends and family at home.

Please note - We need up to five business days to ship the order to your preferred location in Iceland once you arrive. If you are arriving within that time period please visit the 10/11 store at Leifsstöð (the airport), or one of our many locations around the country and purchase our product to stay connected while in Iceland.